You know when…

…something’s been simmering – but not coming to the boil or bubbling over. It’s been quietly budding, but hasn’t been quite ready to come forth, to blossom or to bloom. Yet, the bud never perished or died. It stayed where it was, being quietly nurtured, until it was ready to start opening up, one layer at a time.

You know when it’s right. Sometimes ‘right’ is a little later, a little bit further behind. But when you know, you know. 

Take the story of the little boy and the chrysalis. You remember, that story where the boy tried to let out whatever was inside…but too early, and what came out as a result certainly wasn’t what he had hoped for. It wasn’t at its full potential, and it couldn’t thrive. It wasn’t…ready. 

Creatively speaking, I can relate. The mantra ‘just launch and learn’ is a positive message, absolutely, but sometimes staying can have its merits as well. You know what you want, and when the clarity of ‘when’ mixes with ‘how’ (after hesitating on one, not knowing the answer to the other), a bit of magic can start to happen. 
Breathing deeply. Renewed purpose, excitement.

Sometimes, you just know.